Hundreds of Somali citizens complain from lack of service from birth registration department in Banadir state

An applicant holding the “Certificate of Identity Confirmation” at the registration centre in Mogadishu, Banadir region. Phto credit: Goobjoog News Media.

People are bitterly complaining about the lack of proper service in the department for registration of Birth Certificates and Identify Confirmation in the local government of Banadir state in Mogadishu.

When Goobjoog visited the department today, locals at the venue said every morning, hundreds of people gather at the registration centre where some have been going forth and back for several weeks with no service extended to them.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Najma Abdirahman who was among the distressed citizens who came back to the registration office in bewilderment after she was told her certificate was expired.

“I came here November 1st for the sole purpose of renewing my birth certificate which I was told to my amazement that it got expired when I visited the immigration department. Later they told me they have done system upgrade. The queue was long and I have to pay a new fee for the certificate” said Abdirahman.

Among the affected people included Hassan Noor who informed Goobjoiog News, that he travels everyday from Afgoi town, Lower Shabelle which lies 30km southwest of Mogadishu for a week.

“I came here last Saturday and today is Thursday and I have not yet received the document. I don’t know what is going on because I paid US$ 15 and they told me to come back next Saturday. We are undergoing unnecessary expenses waiting for this office. I travel from Afgoi town everyday” said distressed Noor.

Another distraught citizen Abdi Yare Ali notified Goobjoog News that he was also going to and from at the registration office where he fulfilled all the required conditions yet to his dismay, he could not figure out what is causing the delay to get his certificate.

“I am complaining of going up and down to this office for nearly a week. We queue under the scorching sun and no one is serving us. I submitted all that is required from me. When you are tired in the line, they will tell you to come back later or tomorrow. When we come back, it is the same vicious circle” said distressed Ali.

Most of the people who were at the office said they wanted to renew their birth certificates after they were refused to be recognized by the Immigration office when they applied for a Somali passport due to the upgrade on their system which rejects old certificates acording to them.

Goobjoog News tried to speak to the officials who were present in the department at that time but they declined our request saying they don’t have the permission to speak to the press.

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