Championing for stability and status of Mogadishu cost me my job-Thabit

Former Mayor of Mogadishu Thabit Mohamed during a past function in the Somali capital. Photo credit: Online.

Axed city mayor Thabit Abdi Mohamed has cited sustained efforts to stabilise Mogadishu and establish its place within the federal system in Somalia as reasons for his ouster a day ago.

Addressing the media Sunday a day after President Mohamed Farmaajo relieved him of his duties barely ten months into the job, the former diplomat said his reward for good work in the city which witnessed one of the most deadly terror attacks during his short stint was a sacking letter.

“The reasons for my sacking are two fold: seeking to maintain peace and stability in Banaadir region and actively advocating for the upcoming consultative conference on the status of Mogadishu which was aimed at creating the forum to discuss and deliberate  on issues affecting Mogadishu residents such as basic services, economic development, security and political issues in which 3 million people who lack representation”, Mohamed said.

The status of Mogadishu remains unresolved but the Provisional Constitution provides for its determination through legislation and during the constitutional review process.

Thabit was recalled in February from the US where he was the country’s deputy head of mission to take up the role of mayor. He was credited for increasing female leadership representation in the running of the city by hiring more female district commissioners.

He said he wholeheartedly accepted the move to send him home saying he did for the sake of Muqdishawi, a term he coined referring to the city residents to feel secured and appealed to the federal government to remove the siege on his former office for the mayoral work to continue.

Two nights ago, special government forces took over the security affairs in the City Council compound at 10pm and restricted access to the streets adjacent to the area especially vehicles.

Thabit was sacked Sunday morning through a presidential decree and was immediately replaced with the federal minister of Information and Culture Abdirahman Omar Osman who replaced him the same day.

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