Interior Minister warns Ahlu Sunah against violence

Abdi Mohamed Sabriye, the Minister of Interior and Federalism, held a conference with the elders and members of the community in Guri’el town.

Ministry of Interior of the Federal Government of Somalia called on Ahlu Sunna to stop its current activities, which minister sabriye described as a setback for the progress of Galmudug state and the community leaving in the region.

Speaking out that Ahlu Sunna is blocking the formation of a new Galmudug state and that it is not the way forward of Ahlu Sunna whereby that behaviour is a setback; however, I warned Ahlu Sunah against the failure of the Galmudug state formation process.

Minister Sabriye said the government of Somalia will work towards a good way of Ahlu Sunna and the state government of the Galmudug and resolve any concerns.

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