International community and Puntland talks end without agreement

The International Community team led by the United Nations general secretary’s Special representative to Somalia Michael Keating concluded today talks with Puntland in Garowe without much progress.

The three days trip meant to convince Puntland state to accept the higher consultative forum agreement on January 29th in Mogadishu.

The team had separate meetings with Puntland Parliament, cabinet and civil society to listen all Puntland public perspectives.

In press conference after the meeting Puntland president said his government is glad to receive International community so that they can listen what the people of Puntlad want. “We are grateful to the visit of Michael Keating and his team and  I hope International Community now have enough idea what Puntland people want”

Machael Keating in his side said they understand the concern of Puntland people and government but said the 4.5 electoral model is least bad from other three models. “We believe, may be the least bad of the options before us and we very concern in delay of elections could be very bad news for Somalia” said Keating.

International community is determined to engage more talks with Puntland in the next weaks.


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