International Community lauds Somalia’s efforts to fast track security and political reforms

President Mohamed Farmaajo (C) chairing the National Security Council meeting this past week. Photo: Courtesy

The International community has lauded agreements reached by the Federal government and Federal Member States among them fast tracking the implementation of the National Security Structure, resources sharing and constitutional review process.

In a joint statement Monday, the UN, EU, African Union among several countries termed the agreements as of ‘utmost importance’ in realizing a stable and progressive Somalia.

“The partners also welcomed the decisions reached on security and agreed that accelerated efforts to count, assess and reorganize police forces in the Federal Member States on a federal basis, as set out in the structures in the National Security Architecture and the New Policing Model, will be of utmost importance,” the statement read in part.

The National Security Council chaired by President Mohamed Farmaajo agreed this week the Federal Government finances the formation and functioning of the police forces in the Federal States and support in their training and equipping. It also established a budget committee which shall provide clear guidelines on the funding of the security forces at both federal and state level.

“It is very encouraging that the NSC addressed fundamental issues such as responsibilities for security, the electoral model and resource and revenue sharing,” UN chief in Somalia Michael Keating said. “The challenge now is implementation, so that Somalis benefit from these agreements.”

On the political front, the Federal and State governments endorsed a road-map towards the 2020 elections expected to be conducted on a one-person-one-vote basis. The electoral body NIEC should submit an agreed electoral option in a months’ time, the leaders agreed.


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