IOM expresses concern over IDPs eviction from their camps

Mogadishu_IDP_CampThe international Organization for Migration (IOM) has expressed its concern over the displaced persons living in the government institutions that may be evicted from their camps and centers, according to a report from IOM.

The orginisation said in its statement that it has so far managed to profile 49,651 persons in five different settlements in Mogadishu, stating that there are large scale evictions currently underway in several locations in the city.

“Currently IDPs settlements targeted are Darwish and parts on Bondhere. Almost 5,000 persons have already been evicted in Hodan neighbourhood late August…, these people already live in most appalling conditions and by evicting them will only make their situation worse.” the statement says.

It noted that the government has the right in reclaiming its public properties, but the rights of the IDPs has to be protected in particular those who are most vulnerable like women, children and the elderly. Moreover the evictees need compensations wish now more of a wishful thinking and unpractical because financial reasons.

The orginisation’s statement comes a time the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SODMA) released its report on the first phase of IDP profiling in five settlements in Mogadishu namely: Horsed, Tarabunka, Sigale, Darwish and Bondhere.

Read the report here: Phase 1 IDPs Profiling August 2014 Mog (1)

The profiling exercise was jointly conducted by SODMA, IOM and QUESTS Mida and was undertaken in the months of March and April this year.

The report which contains facts and finding says that, Sigale area hosts the largest IDPs enumerated in this exercise. Most IDPs in Sigale occupy empty private land and properties. Their numbers fluctuate considerably as a result of higher mobility rates than other IDPs settlements enumerated. As landlords are returning to rebuild their homes and properties, many IDPs in Sigale face evictions and often resettle in other areas of the city as well as KM13 on the outskirts of the city.



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