Jalalaqsi administration and AMISOM officials vow to annihilate Alshabab fighters

The administration of Jalalaqsi district and AMISOM officials in Jalalaqsi town took meeting focusing on wide range issues including the circumstances in the district and how to brawl Al-Shabab fighters who blocked the main roads leading to the town.
The deputy district commissioner of Jalalaqsi, Ibrahim Abdullahi Madoobe told Goobjjog FM that the main issues they focussed on was, how weed out Al-shabab from the main roads such as Buuloburde-Jalalaqsi road and security tightening of the villages around the district which al-shabab fighters sometimes launch offensives.
“The main agendas of the meeting were, how to discard Al-Shabab fighters from the the main roads they blocked and how to protect the hamlets coming under administration Jalalaqsi district from Al-shabab attacks” Mr. Ibrahim noted.
Al-shabab fighter set alight public vehicles itineranting in Buurwein –Hamirgaab road on wednisday, accusing them transporting food to the areas which Al-shabab imposed sanctions after allied forces pushed them out of their those areas
Al-shabab imposed tight sanctions by blocking the main trade routes leading to Jalalaqsi town and other towns in Hiran region such as Bulloburde .

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