Jowhar Administration calls upon Somali people to help River Shabelle flood victims

Jowhar district commissioner, Abdikadir Mohamed Abdulle said that the recent floods of River Shabelle in many areas under Jowhar district has affected hundreds of people raising fears of livelihood damage.

Abdikadir noted that they will try ways help these affected people as he called upon the federal government, humanitarian agencies and International community for immediate help.

The river has brimmed its banks as many families were so far rendered homeless after their houses turned into dams.

The water of the river increases day after day hence affecting new homes and farmlands in that region.

One of the mothers affected by the floods said that her Somali traditional house was swept away by the floods.

The recent floods of River Shabelle in Middle Shabelle region destroyed large hectares of farmland and displaced hundreds of families whose houses turned into pools after the river burst its banks.

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