Juba administration denies that forces are behind the planned killings in Kismayo

Security Officials of Interim Juba administration in Southern Somalia denied reports that security forces were accused of behind planned killings against civilians in the port city of Kismayo.

Col. Ismail Kheyre Dhuxuloow, senior security official of Juba administration speaking to Goobjoog FM blamed Al-shabab of behind the killings in the region especially Kismayo.

“ The planned killings are carried out by individuals whose aim is to threaten the security of region and incite the local people against one another” Dhuhulow said.

“ Al-shabab usually carry out such killings to make the administration unpopular and depict a bad picture to the public” he added.

He stated that the authorities have begun an investigation into the incident, but no arrests have yet been made so far.

The recent few days the number of killings in Kismayo has increased, several bullet riddled bodies of civilians were found at Kismayo beach.

The relatives of the killed people often accuse IJA forces of behind the extra-judicial killings in the region.


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