Jubaland state Vice President accuses federal gov’t over plane aid blockage

Jubaland regional Vice President Muhamud Siyad Adan accused the federal government over plane restrict carrying COVID 19 medical aid equipment to Kismayo.

In a press conference held by Jubaland vice president in Kismayo declared that Jubaland regional state will soon release a statement on travel restrictions imposed by the federal government during COVID 19 impact in the state.

Barely a day ago, the federal government blocked two Senators namely Abdullahi Sheikh Fartaag and Iftin Hassan Basto for travelling to Kismayu to attend the funeral of former Jubbaland education minister Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamud who died in India last week.

Jubaland administration cut relations with Somalia during the last controversial election held on Aug 2029 in Kismayo following Mdobe’s ban announcement on federal government intervention in Jubaland regions.

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