Jubbaland administration vows FGS ban will not affect

The Jubbaland State has yesterday responded to the acts of the Federal government on Jubbaland vows that the imposing of flights will not affect.

In a press release from the Jubbaland administration stated that the Federal Government’s decision on the Jubbaland election and imposing the flights to Kismayo is definitely unconstitutional and unlawful according to the country’s law

“The decisions made by the executive council and the Federal Ministry of Transportation regarding the Jubbaland aviation and describing the Jubbaland presidential election as illegal is unconstitutional,” said the statement

The statement has also affirmed that Jubbaland is ready to shield the acts of the federal government and called on both the upper and the lower house of the federal parliament to take on their role and account with the federal government.

The federal government of Somalia has on Friday announced the international and local flights going to and from Kismayo to stopover at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde Internation Airport.

Hundreds of Jubbaand people have yesterday come out to the big streets of Kismayo by demonstrating against the decision of the federal government of Somalia.

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