Jubbaland assembly rejects president’s plea to postpone election

In a session taken by the regional house of Jubbaland, it rejected a request from Jubbaland president Ahmed Mohamed Islam to postpone the election date from 15th August, 2015.

Speaking at a constitution endorsement ceremony a forth night ago, Ahmed Madobe has urged the parliament to postpone the election date as it’s too close for candidates to campaign.

But when put into vote in the parliament, 55 MPs rejected the request and only 2 MPs has accepted it.

This paves the way for presidential elections in 15th of August, 11 days to go.

Ahmed Madobe is expected to stand for the elections and all indications are that he would immerge victorious. He was first elected in May, 2013 by a constituent assembly in Kismayo.

There are no other candidates who declared their interest to via for the position.

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