Jubbaland forces kill Al-shabaab fighters in Southern Somalia, authority says

Several  Al-Shabaab fighters have been killed and dozens injured on Friday during heavy fighting between Jubbaland forces and the Al-Shabaab in the outskirt of Kismaayo town in Southern Somalia, officials said.

Deputy President of Jubbaland State, Mohamed Siyan Adan told reporters that their forces engaged gun battle with Al-Shabaab fighters.

“The battle took place outside Kismaayo town, our forces fought militants there and killed several fighters and injured more others. They recovered weapons,” said Adan.

Adan said the fighting erupted after the local residents reported forceful contribute tax every month which imposed by Al-Shabaab fighters.

“We dispatched Jubbaland forces to defend the only remaining livestock of the locals from Al-Shabaab, We defeated the fighters,” said the deputy president.

Adan did not say if there were casualties on their forces.

Al-Shabaab also did not comment on the latest confrontation in Lower Jubba region.

Al-Shabaab adopted monthly Zakat that obliges every nomadic family with 10 heads of livestock to give away at least one, while those rearing as many as 20 are needed to contribute three in alms, according locals.

The group is carrying out hit and run attacks in major towns under government and deadly explosions in the capital Mogadishu.

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