Jubbaland holds graduation ceremony for youth vocational training in Kismaayo

Authority in Somalia’s southern regional State, Jubbaland has held a graduation ceremony In Kismaayo for tens of young people who completed Vocational Training.

The youth who learned skills such as Electrical Installation, Mobile Phone Repair, Auto-Mechanic, Plumbing, and Computer Technology and Office Administration finished a 3 month intensive course which includes theory and practical training and real-life work experience in the community.

This training is expected to open the door to good jobs for more youth, such as these shown making electrical repair.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamud, said Jubbaland would continue to give youth vocational training for youth to make gradual transformation from unemployment to self-employment.

“We have to give youth an alternative to violence. Its not enough to just say drop the gun pick up the pen if you do not give them an option that will give them a clear direction in their life. This is what we try to provide,”

He said it was unfortunate to see Jubbaland rely on people from the rest of the country for basic works such as plumbing and electrical works when there were locally available training facilities.

“If you look around in this town, the local people will bid for works and then hand it over to people from the rest of the country to carry out the actual works. The number of local plumbers, electricians and other technical staff is countable. Let our youth take up vocational training at this institution” said.

The minister said his administration has invested heavily on the institution and urged local youth to take advantage of training offered by the center.

Many people accept as true that the increasing unemployment in Somalia has been fueled by conflicts, theft and lack of education which forced many Somali people to migrate Europe through Mediterranean sea which is perilous journey.

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