Jubbaland rescinds move to block refugees from Kenya

Authorities in Jubbaland have indicated the state is holding back its earlier decision to block inflow of refugees from Kenya over what it termed earlier as lack of support from signatories of the 2013 Tripartite Agreement on refugee repatriation.

Jubbaland Interior Minister Mohamed Warsame Darwish said Saturday the southern state would henceforth allow more than 1100 refugees from Kenya to cross into the region. He said majority of them will be resettled in South West state areas.

“We had taken the decision to block more refugees coming in because there was no support from any of the tripartite agreement signatories. However we have got a commitment from UNHCR to address the issue,” said Darwish.

Last week Darwish told the media Jubbaland government had blocked further incoming of refugees who are stationed in the border town of Dobley noting they had been transported there and handed $200 only without any further help.

Under the 2013 agreement signed by Kenya, Somalia and the refugee body UNHCR, said Darwish, the signatories were to commit further to provide shelters and other amenities to the returnees inside Somalia but none of it happened.

Darwish said there were over 16,000 returnees from Dadaab in Jubbaland and were living in dire conditions owing to lack of necessary support.

Kenya announced last month it was reversing its earlier decision to close down Dadaab camp by end year noting it would wait until Somalia is pacified.




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