Jubbaland State elected twelve more MPs In Lower House Elections on Sunday

Jubbaland state completed its fifth day of voting for seats in the House of the People with another six members elected to the lower chamber of the federal parliament.

A total of 26 candidates have now been elected to the House of the People from Jubbaland, with only 17 seats still to be decided.

All six of the winning candidates in Sunday’s balloting in Kismaayo are men.

“I have to do what my people elected me to do,” said the newly elected member of parliament (MP) Liban Abdirahman Osman after being declared the winner in his contest.

“The country needs to restore its infrastructure, enhance education and, most importantly, sort out the security of the country.”

Electoral college delegate Jamila Abdi Malabow said voters sought to choose leaders committed to improving the status of their fellow citizens.

“The member of the Lower House we elected today have to address the interests of the Somali public,” said Malabow. “He must not be a person who seeks personal interests. He has to work for the people, for the country, and for religion. ’’

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