Jubbaland vice president reaches Garbaharey to defuse political tension

The vice president Interim Jubba Administration, Abdullahi Sheikh Osman (Fartaag) has met with the traditional elders of Garbaharay town to ease the political tension in the town.

Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail and his delegation arrived in Garbaaharey town on Sunday.

Accompanied by several Jubbaland MPs from Gedo region, Fartaag arrived in the town yesterday at a time the local administrators and the former governor of Gedo Mohamed Abdi Kaliil have rifts.

Tension in the town has risen up last month after the newly appointed Gedo Governor Noor Mohamed Buraale barred the former Governor Mohamed Abdi Kaliil from setting foot into the town which led to a standoff that culminated in the latter camping outside the town with forces allied to him.

Efforts to find a lasting solution is currently underway in the town as elders and the vice president try to convince the two sides to bury the hatchet.

This is the second trip IJA vice president to diffuse the rifts between the tow sides.

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