Jubbland, AU forces capture Badhadhe in Southern Somalia

Ciidamada-JubbaForces of Southern regional state, Jubbaland backed by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops, on Tuesday captured the Al-Shabaab stronghold of town, Badhadhe town in Lower Jubba region.

The joint forces launched dawn attacked on the town which is situated about 160 kilometers from Kismaayo.

Witnesses confirmed the takeover of the town, saying Al-Shabaab fighters fled ahead of government and AU troops, pulling out of the town before the day break.

“Al-Shabaab fighters fled the town before allied forces moved in and the troops are now conducting security operations to clear the town.”said a resident in Badhaadhe.

The official said the operations against Al-Shabaab will continue until they are cleared out of the region.

The Somali army and the AU forces often carry out military operations in the south and central Somalia to flush out Al-Shabaab fighters.

Al-Shabaab is fighting to overthrow Somalia’s Western-backed government, which is propped up and protected by the 22,000-strong AMISOM force.

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