Gedo administration accuses Kenyan forces of civilians’ killing

FILE: Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) in patrol in Jubbaland State. Photo credit: Online

A district official in Elwak town in Gedo region has accused Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) of killing civilians in the town following a disagreement between the forces and the local administration.

Elwak district commissioner Sahal Maalim Adam told reporters the forces stormed the premises of a telecommunication company and killed two staff members. He did not however elaborate the reasons for the disagreement.

Adam added the forces also killed other civilians in the town.

The official noted the administration had reported the matter to the Jubbaland government after failing to get any response from the Kenyn authorities.

Kenya contributes more than 4,000 troops to the 22,000-strong AU force that is in Somalia helping the UN-backed government battle Al-Shabab, which is part of Al-Qaeda.

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