Keep off Somali politics, National Security Advisor tells UN

Abdisaid Ali's remarks could run counter to UN Resolutions on UNSOM's mandate which include policy advise to the government on the federal system

President Mohamed Farmaajo’s National Security Advisor Abdisaid Ali has lashed at the UN calling it to keep off Somali politics as the federal government fends off accusations of interference in the South West state presidential elections.

“Do not interfere in the internal affairs of Somalia…this attitude is unwelcome!” Ali tweeted in response to a tweet by the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).

The UNSOM tweet was reinforcing a statement it issued earlier calling for agreement and credible elections in South West.

“Ahead of the upcoming presidential election in South West State, @UNSomalia is calling for consensus on a credible and peaceful poll, one which helps set a precedent for subsequent electoral processes to be held in #Somalia,” the UNSOM tweet read.

Abdisaid Ali’s tweet in response to UNSOM’s call for credible elections in S. West state

UN head in Somalia Nicholas Haysom had called on Somali leaders to find a solution to the ongoing stalemate.

“I am confident that, in keeping with their tradition, Somali leaders will find a solution, through dialogue, to the issues surrounding this electoral process,” Haysom said. “An electoral process that is transparent, enjoys broad consensus on the rules governing its conduct, and is free from irregularities can only promote widespread acceptance of the results, and avoid violent confrontations at or after polling.”

The Federal Government has come under intense pressure over claims by federal state leaders, civil society groups in South West and a section of members of the state presidential committee that it was interfering with the electoral process. State president Sharif Adan Wednesday bowed to pressure from the federal government to step down as presidential and withdrew from the presidential race.

An avid Twitter user, Ali is outspoken on a range of issues from security to staunchly defending the government on political matters.

It is not clear what the import of Ali’s remarks is given UNSOM’s mandate in Somalia.

According to the UN Security Council Resolution 2102 (2013), UNSOM’s mandate includes and not limited to provision of policy advice to the Federal Government and AMISOM on peacebuilding and state-building in areas of  governance, security sector reform and rule of law (including the disengagement of combatants) and development of a federal system (including state formation).

Other areas are constitutional review, democratisation (including preparations for the 2016 political transition) and coordination of international donor support.



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