Kenya hands over 47 rescued Somalis to Jubbaland authorities

Kenya government has handed over 47 Somali nationals to Jubaland authorities in Southern Somalia.

According to Jubbaland forces commander in Dhobley,  Haybe Ahmed,  these have been rescued by Kenyan forces from Human-traffickers  who were forcing the victim to work for them.

Ahmed noted that the victim who were previously locked in Containers by the gangs have been returned to Somalia.

“These people were held hostage by human-trafficker who were planning to use these people for labour,” said Ahmed.

He said the rescue took place following collaboration between Somali and Kenyan governments.

Dozens of Somalis who want to start the perilous journey Europe and South Africa daily cross the border between Somalia and Kenya.

Networks of human-traffickers are operating in many countries in Africa.

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