Kenya planes bombard Somali border town in Gedo region

Kenyan military helicopters in action. Photo credit: Online.

Kenyan military helicopters yesterday bombarded a location known as Kalabar location lying 8km from Elwak, a Somali border  town in Gedo region, Jubbaland state.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, the local deputy commissioner Sahal Maalin Adan confirmed the attacked saying  the aerial attack took place after Kenyan government received news of the presence of Alshabab fighters in the remote location.

“Alshabab fighters arrived in Kalabayr and Kenyan government got wind of their presence and sent military helicopters which attacked them with aerial bombardments. Now the insurgents have disappeared” said Commissioner Adan.

Commissioner Adan uttered his frustration of their inability to maintain security in nearby locations around Elwak town due to lack of sufficient military personnel while the few present in the area have not received their monthly stipend for nearly 6 years.

Late January  Kenyan military jet fighters attacked inside Elwak town, Somalia,  under unclear circumstances though Somali federal forces are stationed in the area. No immediate casualties reported then but destruction of properties were confirmed including a telecommunication mast.

Kenyan troops entered southern Somalia in 2011 to fight Alshabab fighters, later joining the AU force. They are stationed in Kismayo town, the interim state capital of Jubbaland.

In response, Alshabab fighters carried out several deadly attacks inside Kenya as continued retaliations against the presence of Kenyan troops in Somalia according to the insurgent group.

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