Kenya,Mandera East MP “Janan forces disrupt the security of Mandera”

Mandera East lawmaker Omar Mohamed Moalim told the media that people in his area are facing threats after security forces from Jubaland lead by a fugitive minister, Abdirashid Hassan Abdinur.

MP Omar accused the Kenyan government of allowing and providing security to fugitive minister, Abdirashid Janan, which he said posed a threat to the security of his constituency in Mandera East.

“We have seen people and armed vehicles moving on the road which has crossed the border between Somalia and Kenya when non-Kenyan troops who have fled from their country with their guns come to Kenya, we don’t agree those militias to destroy our county”.

“If any army flees from their country to Kenya for asylum and protection, they have to surrender their weapons and hand over to Kenyan government and that is the only process they can come into Kenya”. Added Omar Mohamed.

Former security minter of Jubaland told the media “I am in Beled-Hawa district of Somalia and I have enough security better than federal government troops who take my order and I will defend myself”

Janan arrested Aug 31 in Mogadishu by the federal government accused extrajudicial killings and human right violation in Gedo region under Jubaland Administration

According to Former security minter of Jubaland speech, Janan escaped a cell in Mogadishu supported by federal government officials on January 28 and arrived January 31 to Kismayo on the same day flew to the capital Kenya using a special jet.

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