Khatumo State “Victor” Over Somaliland

The administration of Khatumo State has claimed victories over the brake-away Somaliland forces in a heavy brawling erupted between the two sides in Hudun of Sol region.
Khatumo State’s minister for information of Ahmed Ga’ma yare speaking to Goobjoog FM has stated that their forces launched invasions against break-away Somaliland forces that were in Hudun Locality, which led ferocious fighting that caused casualties.
“We commiserate about the death of Somaliland’s soldiers, because they are Somali boys but the administration Somaliland has to admit at their own risk since they are the ones who provoked us so many times previously” the minister said.
Mr. Ga’ma Yare reiterated that they will keep on targeting the break-away Somaliland Soldiers till they withdraw their troops from the areas under the control Khatumo state.
The administration of Somaliland did not comment on the claims of Khatumo State.

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