SPONSORED: Local Stakeholder Consultation For Gold Standard Carbon Project Activity ‘Efficient And Clean Cooking For Households In Somalia‘

Local Stakeholder Consultation for Gold Standard carbon project activity ‘Efficient and Clean Cooking for households in Somalia‘

Dear Stakeholder,

BURN Manufacturing Co. will implement the carbon project activity ‘VPA1: Efficient and Clean Cooking for households in Somalia‘under the Gold Standard Programmer of Activities (PoA) ‘ECOA_BURN multi-country Clean Cooking Programmer.

The PoA is managed by BURN Manufacturing Co. In this context a Local Stakeholder Public Consultation will be carried out for all local, affected and interested stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations, women groups, research institutes and organizations/individuals working on topics related to the project activity, policy makers on a national and state level as well as for local people, communities and or representatives who are directly or indirectly affected by the project.

Please note that this Local Stakeholder Consultation would be also valid for any other Voluntary Project Activities (VPAs) implemented in Somalia under BURN’s Gold Standard PoA ‘ECOA_BURN multi-country Clean Cooking Programmer’, provided that they are homogeneous, i.e. deploy the same stove type(s), target the same end-users and consist of the same project boundary as VPA1.

BURN Manufacturing Co. (Coordinating and Managing Entity of the PoA) invites all interested parties to attend one of the following Local Stakeholder Consultation meetings:

October 22,2020, 8:30 am to 13:00 pm in Mogadisho

Maida hotel

Xamarweyne, Mogadishu

(+252) 616 272 236

Stakeholders who cannot physically attend the meeting, have the possibility to participate online through Zoom. The login details are the following:

October 22nd

Meeting ID: 884 9358 0826

Link: //us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwpfuqtpjsiGNJCRiq6LYLnuZqiS8-KKptJ

Please find attached a Non-Technical Summary of the project.

In case of any questions or if you want further details and project information prior to the consultation, please write an Email to Lucie Millard, Strategic Associate / Expansion at BURN (lucie.millard@burnmfg.com) or give a call to Mohamed Osman Adam, Director BURN Manufacturing Inc. – Somali Regions (+252 633 065 733).

Please use these contact details also for providing your feedback in case you are not able to participate in the stakeholder meeting.


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