Losses on Pizza House: 3 dead and over US$165,000 of property destruction

Days after a deadly bomb attack at Pizza House claimed at least 29 lives and injured about 30 others, the youth who put together their savings to start the eatery count losses which run into thousands of dollars.

The owners said that they initially invested more than US$300,00 but the losses brought by the Alshabab attack on the 14th June, 2017 is estimated to reach over $165,000.

Pizza House

Pizza House is a trendy restaurant in up town Mogadishu popular with youth and those with a taste for international cuisines and a cool place to relax. For young men and women most of them university students, Pizza House was the ultimate ‘selfie’ destination and a place to catch up and share experiences and ideas.

The restaurant boasted of 7D reality entertainment system, rooftoop sitting spaces and recently gazebos and serene setting for both the young and family. For the lovers of pizza, the name of the restaurant did not disappoint in living to its identity.

The innovation behind this business idea was youths educated within Somalia and invested a total amount of $300,000 according to Goobjoog Business Editor Abdiweli Jama Bare.

The initial opening finance was lower than the above figure but due to expansion done to the premise as a result of getting ready for the Eid al-Fitri celebration just days before the attack has tremendously increased costs.

The expansion added to the Pizza House included a big hall for events mostly rented by students and families escorting their loved ones who are travelling.

The specific losses on Pizza House include:

No.  Items Consumed by Fire          Amount

  1.      7D                                           $35,000
  2. New hall                                        $60,000
  3. Tools and machine                 $40,000
  4. Construction                            $20,000
  5. Other losses                                $10,000

Grand total                                        $165,000

Apart from the financial loss, 3 people died on the scene working for Pizza House. The victims of who were mostly locals were said to be a security guard, cleaner and waiter while one foreign national from Syria also died.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Abass who is from Pizza House team said they contemplated whether to close the business or not but finally decided to struggle hard to re-establish the business.

Pizza House employees numbered 36 staff and no intoxication or drugs were sold including hookah service (locally known as Shisha) or even cigarettes.

Bomb attack in Pizza House and Posh Treats on the 14th July, 2017 claimed more than 25 people and the wounded were 30. The attack was claimed by Alshabab.

This News report is exclusive to Goobjoog News.

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