Lower Shabelle Government Administration Investigating the Killing of Afgoye Mayor

Abdikadir CDProvincial Governor Abdikadir Mohamed Nuur Aka CD told Radio Goobjoog that his administration is investigating the killing of Afgoye Mayor, Ali Jalil was killed in a land mine targeted against him near Hawa Abdi locality in the Lower Shabelle region.

The governor blamed Alshabab insurgents for the killing, as this was not the first time a government official was targeted with explosives in the region. There were previous incidents where high ranking officials were killed.

“The terrorists has carried out explosions before, they even targeted me with suicide bombing, they also targeted AMISOM water/patrol  tank , and also the army General, and we are investigating all these” says the mayor.

An explosion near Hawa Abdi killed Ali Jalil who the governor said was the appointed as the mayor of Afgoye, though other sources told us he was yet to take up his post as mayor.

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