Lower Shabelle Governor: “Al-Shabab Gunmen Attacked My House Last Night”






Lower Shabelle Governor, Abdikadir Mohamed Noor Sidii has detailed the attack which was carried on his house by suspected Al-Shabab gunmen last night.
The governor said 5 suspected Al-Shabab fighters died and 7 others sustained injuries after gunmen and his bodyguards engaged gun battle.
He added that he lost one of his bodyguards and five others got injuries during the skirmish.
“The attackers from Fon-Buraale village which lies between Qoryooley and Kuntuwaaray town furthermore their leader was a foreigner hailing from Morocco” he said.
He highlighted that the combat erupted at midnight after his bodyguards concluded perambulation throughout the town.
He underscored that most of Al-Shabab leaders were killed in Lower Shabelle region and that indicate the initiatives they undertaken to annihilate Al-Shabab members from the region.

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