Madobe wins over rivals, deals blow to FGS opposition

Jubbaland Ahmed Madobe has struck a pact with his political rivals in what deals a blow to attempts by the Federal Government to scuttle his presidency following months of engagements in Kismayu and Nairobi.

A communique Thursday following talks with political opponents- Abdirizak Hidig, Abdinasir Serar and Dahir Ahmed Sheikh affirmed an end to feuds between the two sides and endorsement of Madobe’s election.

Both the Federal Government and the three opposition leaders had separately but subtly ganged up in opposing Madobe’s election. The Federal Government formally announced in September Madobe’s election last August was a nullity and subsequently released a plan in October for new elections. Those plans have since remained unheard.

In the deal unveiled Thursday which gives Madobe another score against Mogadishu, the opposition leaders acknowledge Madobe as the duly elected President of Jubbaland which is a trade-off with Madobe not seeking a third term.

The two sides also agreed that Madobe shall form an inclusive government in which the opposition factions will be co-opted into government. Additionally, the leaders agreed to kick off the reconciliation process across Jubbaland and that the opposition leaders will support the Jubbaland administration to liberate the capital Buale and other towns from Al-Shabaab grip.

We call on the international community to support this agreement, the communique added.



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