Major issues concurred in the national security council meeting in Mogadishu

Top government officials attending the Somali national security council 6th meeting held in Mogadishu from 6th-10th February 2018. Photo credit: Goobjoog Media.

The Somali national security council 6th meeting in Mogadishu from 6th-10th February yesterday released a press statement on the outcomes of the meeting touching on several issues including the Somali national political roadmap for 2020, country security, impartial sharing of national resources among others.

The meeting chaired by the Somali federal president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo took place in the presidential compound known as Villa Somali.

Major issues that were highly discussed in the 5day meeting included national security, political roadmap for 2020 and equitable sharing of the national resources.

National security

One of the articles agreed upon was assessing the quality and quantity of the Somali police force and merging the different police forces to create a new policing model.

It was proposed the federal government to assist the federal police in the regional member states with arsenal, financial budget, medicine and training in order to take part in the fight against Alshabab.

The appointment and making operational a committee from the Somali national army (SNA) was discussed and agreed upon.

Also settled upon was the setting up of a technical committee of the national security made up of federal and regional states outlined to meet once every 3 weeks sharing their meeting minutes with the federal and regional state presidents.

The national security committee was tasked to produce a plan on the budget to make functional the security offices of the regional federal member states.

The acceleration to complete Danab security forces as stipulated in the national security structure and merging them on a national level before commencing their training.

Political roadmap

The federal government displayed a plan of an inclusive political roadmap for 2020 where after lengthy discussion was agreed upon to be implemented by both the federal and regional member states.

Accepted also was the appointment and defining the role of a technical committee made of 10 members to advice on federal matters to be announced through a decree by the office of the Somali prime minister.

Regarding the extensive work achieved by the federal interior ministry, reconciliation and federalism on the electoral laws, it was pointed out the need for clarifying the voting methodology in order to set the pace for creating vital electoral policies for the year 2020 to achieve one person one vote.

On the above front, the electoral committee was directed to forward urgently a voting system for the country to host within a period of 4 weeks.

In the same breath, the independent electoral committee was ordered to finalize their consultation of the remaining locations on matters relating to the electoral porcess.

A conspicuous factor in the national security meeting was their determination to underscore the importance on holding the elections for one person one vote for 2020 as planned which calls for extending all the required financial and political support by the electoral committee to make a reality of this target.

After the distinguished attendants were briefed by the federal ministry of constitutional affairs on the progress made on the constitutional review, it was agreed upon to complete the process within this year 2018.

Economical equity

Following a presentation done by the federal ministry of fishery and marine resources in the meeting, the attendants gave their consent on signing an interim agreement on sharing the fishery resources until the completion of a general agreement on the matter.

The next conference of the Somali national security council will be held in Baidoa town, Southwest on 28th March.

Meeting attendants included deputy prime minister Mahdi Mohamed Guleed, regional federal member states presidents of HirShabelle, Jubbaland, Galmudug, Puntland, Southwest and Baandir administration.

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