Makka Al-mukarramah owner: “I request the government to protect my hotel but it turned deaf ear to my plea”

The owner of Makka Al-mukarramah Hotel, Gurey Abdi Hassan who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News, has blamed some of the government officials denying him protect his hotel.
“I appealed Hodan district commissioner to allow me to set up checkpoint on the road near backdoor of the hotel but he turned deaf ear to my request” Gurey said.
He accused the DC lack of cooperation and lamented that Friday’s deadly attack would have occur if government have maintain the security.
“The hotel was targeted three times and happened because of laxity from the government’s side” he underlined.
He added the DC will take the responsibility of what happened in his hotel on Friday.
Heinous attack carried out by Al-Shabab fighters on the hotel has left death toll of 7 people including Yussuf Baribari, representative of Somalia to UN
The same hotel was attacked by the Al-Shabab group in November 2013

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