Military court executes soldier for murder in Afgooye

Somalia executed a soldier on Saturday morning accused of killing a civilian, as the Western-backed government came under international pressure to hold its forces to account for abuses.

The military court officials told journalists on the spot of the execution that, Ahmed Abdi Maday, 28 was convicted of killing a civilian in Afgooye which lies 30km south of the capital.

“On 22/04/2017 the first degree court of the military executed  Ahmed Abdi, aged 28  who was ex-police officer. On 5th January 2017, he killed late Mohamed Ali Abdalla,” said the court.

Somali military court previously executed soldiers charged with murder and mainly convicted Al-Shabaab members.

Human right group’s report accused government troops – as well as AU peacekeepers and insurgents — of firing indiscriminately in civilian areas.

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