Military Court in Puntland Sentence large number of Alshabab fighters to Jail

A military court in Puntland state of Somalia has given 54 Alshabab members to long term jail sentence.  The members of the group were captured in fighting between Puntland security forces and Alshabab  in March of this year.

The court sentenced 28 members aged  between 15-18  to  a jail sentence that ranged from 15-20 years. 26 others aged between 10-15  were sent to rehabilitation centers of the state. Said,Puntlnad Military persecutor, Hassan Fidiye.

The sentenced members were part of 97 Al-Shabab fighters captured during the deadly fighting between Puntland government forces and Al-Shabab group in Mudug and Nugal regions in March this year.

In June,2016,  Puntland military court sentenced 43 of Al-Shabab fighters to death who were above the age of 18, according to the government.

in 2013,13 Alshabab fighters were sentenced to death and shot by a firing squad in Puntland state


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