Military court hands death sentence to Shabaab militant, jail terms to 4 others

The Chief of the First Degree Military Court Major Hassan Ali Noor. Photo credit: Online

One Al-Shabaab militant was today sentenced to death while three others were condemned to serve jail terms after a military court found them guilty of involvement in hotel explosions within the city.

The convicts Abdikadir Abukar, Mohamed Omar Akile, Daud Mohamed Ali and Abdullahi Ibrahim Gesey were accused of carrying out bomb attack explosions in three hotels along Makkah Almukarah road in Mogadishu.

The verdicts was announced by Colonel Hassan Ali Noor Shute, the chairperson of the First Degree Military Court.

Military court chairman Col. Hassan Noor Shute said the court found the four guilty of various charges and handed over the sentences in accordance with the law.

“The Court has sentenced Abdikadir Abukar Shair to death, Mohamed Omar Akile to a life sentence, Daud Mohamed Ali to 10 years behind bars and Abdullahi Ibrahim Gesey to 2 years in a military prison,” said Colonel Shute.

The Court specifically accused Shair of being the mastermind behind the killing of innocent civilians in three hotels situated along Makkah Al Mukarah road.

The general prosecutor presented before written and videos evidence among them one that depicted Shire alighting from the car used to which exploded opposite the Security Ministry.

The 4 suspects had been subjected earlier to triple different levels of public court hearings and were granted lawyers to represent them for a fair trial.

“The accused can appeal if they are not satisfied with the sentences meted out to them” added Colonel Shute.

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