Military court sentence two gov”t soldiers to death

Military court sentence two hotel Maa’ida guards to death accused of killing military commander, Mohamed Suleiman Abukar on October 19th 2019 in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

Another two men who were alleged of taking part in the shooting were also charged to 5 years jail term for each in the court ruling on Wednesday.

The prosecution office of the Armed Forces Court has accused the killing of the former Gorgor Commander as intentional by presenting the four guns with pullets and the evidence of the shooting.

“After the investigation on the incident released by the prosecutions office with full evidence on the accusation of Constable Hassan Shuute Osman and Juule Gabow Ibrahim, the court sentenced to death,” Colonel Hassan Mohamed Nur said.

the late commander of Gorgor forces and his guard has been shoot at hotel Ma’ida main gate by the hotel security guard after he has taken all rules and regulations told by the hotel security guards.

The commander has taken part in seizing areas of Al-Shabab strongholds including Jammame, Jilib and other areas during his work station in middle Shabelle regions.

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