Military court sentences two civilians to eight years for robbery

A military court in Mogadishu has sentenced two civilians to eight years in prison for robbing three people among them a police officer.

The court of the First Instance found Aweys Ali Maalim and Ayaanle Ahmed Nur of guilty of robbing two teenagers and a police officer on separate occasions in September. The officer, who had been robbed of personal effects while off duty later arrested the accused at Liddo Beach in later in the month.

The prosecution also informed the court the two had earlier committed murder which was resolved through out of court settlements. The families of the two resolved the cases separately through payment of blood money.

But the defense lawyers dismissed reference to the murder cases noting they were not subject of litigation.

The military court judge Col. Hassan Shute handed the two eight year jail terms but subject to appeal.

It is not however clear why a military court would try civilians.

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