Ministry for security details the security operations in Mogadishu

Ministry for national security of Somalia federal government has detailed security operation conducted by especial forces from Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) in Mogadishu on wednisday .

The spokesman for the ministry, Mohamed Yussuf speaking to Goobjoog FM has noted that operation was meant to inspect and hunt down the vehicles carrying security guards with illegal guns and to enhance safety of Mogadishu town.

“We have been planning to carry out operation such like this one, for about three months. We deploy these especial forces from NISA at different road junctions of the city at midnight as to commence their operation at dawn “ the spokesman said.

Mr. Mohamed noted that the commander of NISA has warned the security forces conducting the search  to respect the rights of civilians and observe moral conduct while on their duty.
He underscored  that they will  expand the operation to far areas as to restore peace and stabilit in  the city and whole Somalia.

Finally he called upon Mogadishu people to work with the security forces to wipe out those elements against peace and stability.

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