Ministry of interior of FGS calls Galmudug leaders to hold elections on time

The Ministry of Interior, federal affairs and reconciliation of the federal government of Somalia has yesterday called for a timely election in Galmudug state.

In a press statement, the ministry stressed that as it’s fulfilling it’s the constitutional mandate for the implementation of the parliamentary elections, call on the leaders of the Galmudug state to hold the elections on time to ensure a tangible election process, reflecting on democracy and open competition for Gamudug state.

The Ministry of Interior and reconciliation has also pointed the importance of consultation and unity of the community in the Galmudug area, calling for a reconciliation conference to gather all intellectual and leadership in Galmudug to resolve the issue of state affairs called to appoint a technical committee to oversee the conference.

In considering the timing of the constitutional mandate given by Galmudug officials which ends on 4th July 2019, the ministry has suggested working together in completing the democratic process of elections in order the elections of Galmudug to take place in peace and transparency.

Finally, the Ministry of the interior has appreciated the joint efforts of the community and the Galmudug intellectuals to provide the development and determination of their goals in the advanced to have a systematic implementation in Galmudug region.

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