Mogadishu government discusses Turkey delegates on reconstruction of road in the city 

Delegates from Turkey have met with officials from Mogadishu local government on the reconstruction of one of the major roads in Somalia capital city, mogadishu.

The officials have deeply discussed the construction of Mogadishu’s 30th street popularly known as Jidka Sodonka.

Speaking to the reporters after the meeting, Mogadishu’s local government spokesman, Abdifatah Halane said the sides agreed on the construction of the road.

“We discussed the construction of the road, the date to be started and the engineers who will carry out the work,” said Halane.

He added, “the delegation and Mogadishu officials have also agreed on the length of the road to be 33KM.”

Turkey’s engagement includes re-carpeting of roads in Mogadishu and street lighting.

Turkey also provided Somalia with over $400 million in the biggest aid campaign to the country in its struggle to fight starvation.

The roads in Mogadishu are still mostly unpaved, with only certain streets — the ones where most of the businesses and government offices are located having tarmac on them.

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