Mogadishu Launches first Somali Annual Business Award [SABA]

First time since the country plunge into civil war early 1990s, Somalia’s capital city of Mogadishu is launching Somali Annual Business Award [SABA] which is assigned to take place annually that would be rewarded  based on the company’s achievement in the country.

This program was organized by The Somali Investor Magazine and it’s investing the program.

The Somali Investor Magazine chief editor Mohamed Dhubow who himself organizing the program told the Goobjoog Business Radio that the country was been through and the business level and he said

“This even coincided with the election period, so a lot of investors who supposed to come the country and didn’t turn up”

[SABA] is an invention of rewarding at the same time to improve the businesses and the companies that follows the good management to inspire them to develop the business and entrepreneurship.

After evaluating of time [SABA] is giving ten different awards and it is as follows:

  1. The best (Business Leader ) SABA CEO of the year
  2. The Best Company to work for
  3. The best marketer of the year
  4. The best company in social responsibility
  5. The best bank of the year
  6. The best Women SME in business and resilient
  7. The best youth SME entrepreneur
  8. The best overall SME of the year
  9. The best business facilitator
  10. The Overall best SABA company of the year

On the other hand there would be held a conference that will discuss about housing and construction of Somalia with the collaboration of The Somali Investor Magazine and Goobjoog Business Radio. This program will occur 17th January 2017 at Jazeera Palace Hotel Mogadishu-Somalia.

This event is expecting to join the different types of businesses, investors and entrepreneurs and also Somali Federal Government officials. And this is the first time that this type of occasion which is happening all over the country

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