Mohamed Hassan Haad: “ it is impossible for government to hold elections 2016”

Mohamed hassan XaadOne of Somali elders and intellectuals in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia expressed concern that the federal government can hold free and fair elections in 2016 as one of its key plans.

Mohamed Hassan Haad, the leader of the traditional elders speaking to Goobjoog FM said that the government is not in a better position to hold elections as it has failed to implement most of its key pillars including security and completion of federal system in the country.

Mr. Haad said when Somalia has moved out of transition period 2012 the people had hopes that the newly formed government after four years can take the country to another stage where democratically elected leaders can take lead but that at the moment sounds impossible.

The elder added that the top government leaders will take the  responsibility if  federal government’s plan of holding fair and free election in the country fails.

He urged the federal parliament of Somalia to collaborate with the government so as to guarantee the development of the country.


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