Monday night mortar shells did not hit our base-AMISOM

AMISOM has confirmed there was mortar shelling near its base headquarters in Mogadishu Monday night but affirmed the mortar shells did not reach its compound.

AMISOM spokesman Joe Kibet told Goobjoog News it was not clear if the shelling targeted their base and that so far they had not established any damage to property or human casualties.

“Indeed there were mortar shells last night but it did not reach our compound. We cannot confirm if it was aimed at us but even so it fell short of its target. We are still investigating the matter,” said Kibet.

There were sounds of heavy shelling Monday night which sources said could have hit the heavily fortified Halane base near the airport.

The militant group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack noting it aimed to create fear among newly arrived British troops to Somalia.

But Kibet said there could not be a connection between the two cases since British troops arrived in the country three weeks ago.

An advance party of about 10 soldiers from Force Troop Command, 1 Div and Field Army training will support African Union peacekeeping efforts against the al-Shabab group.

About 70 personnel will eventually be in Somalia carrying out medical, logistical and engineering duties.

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