MPs to grill House Speaker Jawaari today over abuse of office

This Man Jawaari
House Speaker Mohamed Jawaari speaking during a past function in Mogadishu. The House will today grill him over what it termed as abuse of office. File Photo: Villa Somalia

MPs are today holding a closed door informal seating to grill House Speaker Mohamed Jawaari over what the legislators term as interference on appointment of cabinet and abuse of powers by the speaker.

Some of the MPs who declined not to be named told Goobjoog News the meeting will be ‘a time to tell the speaker the truth and a moment to cut off a 16 year practice of unhealthy relationship between the executive and the legislature.”

In a letter Saturday addressed to the speaker and copied to the President and Supreme Court president, and the PM, the MP ssaid they were concerned with Jawari’s interference on the selection of a new cabinet noting he was acting beyond his constitutional mandate.

“For the last 16 years, there has been no clear separation of powers between the legislature and the executive. This is what has led to the perennial problems of governance we have had in this country,” the legislators said.

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire is expected to name his cabinet today.

The lawmakers have also accused the Speaker of abuse of powers and failure to execute the functions of the office of the speaker. They noted the Speaker convenes seatings at his own liking contrary to the parliamentary calendar.

“We have very serious issues to deal with in this country including the ongoing drought but the speaker and his deputies decide to call for seatings at their own pleasure,” another lawmaker said.

The MPs, a source said want clarity on the distinction of powers and functions of the executive and legislature. Each institution of the state must operate within constitutional mandates and dictates, the lawmaker added.


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