MPs label anti terrorism bill unconstitutional

Members of Somali parliament have today strongly opposed the proposed anti terror bill tabled in the house by the interior security minister Abdirizak Omar Mohamed terming it unconstitutional.

Session 22 of the 6th parliament term was attended by 141 MPs and the minister took to the podium to read the draft bill.

In his first remarks defined terror ‘as any act against the lives and property of the people, executed indiscriminately with aim of weakening the people and the nation, and to spread fears and sorrow among the people”.

Among the thorny articles in the draft includes one which gives the government the authority to posses the property of any person accused of terrorism.

It also validates the use of surveillance, tapping telephone lanes, hacking electronic addresses and then using it as evidence in front of court of law.


On hearing the minister reading the text and scanning the draft, MPs were outraged by the amount of rights violation in the bill, they urged the ministry to recall the bill and go back to the drawing board.

MP Isse Weheliye Malin who was the first to take to the podium has this to say “The only thing I can call this is bill is that it’s unconstitutional, it contravenes every single basic right our people have, and it’s acceptable”.

Another MP Ubah Tahlil has reminded the ministry that he himself is among the citizens whose rights would be violated under this bill “This bill is designed to wipe the Somalis from the face of the earth, we know that 71 innocent citizens are behind bars, land was grabbed from defenseless citizens under public interest but then given away to other citizens, I tell you that you are a member of the public, go back and take back your bill” she said.

On other hand Dr. Ismael Jim’ale, a human rights activist has expressed concern about the bill and said that the bill is designated to violate the rights of Somali citizens.

Mr. Osman Dahir of the agency speaking to Goobjoog News warned that the bill would severe consequences if not changed.

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