Mukhtar Robow “Abu Mansoor” pardoned by US government

The Foreign Secretary of USA removed Mukhtar Robow from its list of global terrorist individuals according to VOA.

Robow, a top official of Alshabab fighters in Bay region in Somalia currently resides in Southwest State and talks are believed to be ongoing between him and the regional government where negotiations are assumed to be in a crucial stage.

The US State Department placed $5 million on his head in June 2012 and some other senior officials when he was active member of his movement. His co-accused leaders have since met with different fates where some were killed and some surrendered.

The US government also placed US$7 million on Ahmed Abdi Godane, the top leader of Alshabab and US$5 million each on Ibrahim Haji Jama, Fuad Ahmed Khalaf, Bashir Mohamed and Mukhtar Robow and lesser money of US$3 million on the heads of Zakaria Ismailk Hersi and Abdulahi Yare.

In recent days, Robow who commands a group of armed men from his own clan has been in loose contact with his organization due to internal disputes and he is known to have held the posts of spokesperson, spiritual leader and military commander.

Alshabab is still active and carries deadly suicide bomb attacks on the Federal government of Somalia as well as its military allies AMISOM in order to overthrow the government.

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