My house was attacked by government forces for unknown cause

Senator Abdi Hassan Awale Qeybdid speaking in a past function. Photo credit: Online

The residential home of Senator Abdi Hassan Awale Qeybdid located in Sebiano area, Hodan district, Mogadishu was today  attacked in a forceful way by an alleged government force for unknown reason according to Senator Qeybdid.

Addressing the media, Senator Qeybdid who is also the head of constitutional review committee of the two federal Houses narrated the how the attack unfolded.

“I want to inform the media on this day 30th December 2017 that at 1:20pm that I, Abdi Hassan Qeybdid, the chairperson of the constitutional review of the two federal house, my residential house was today attacked by government forces while I was away to work in the federal Upper House. They broke the front gate with a vehicle and they disarmed the security staff and confiscated their arms. I have no idea why this thing happened.” said Senator Qeybdid.

He further described how a search operation was carried out once the soldiers were inside the house.

“They entered inside the house by breaking most of the doors and searched the house thoroughly. They emptied all the contents in the wardrobes. They checked every one in the house and took all the mobile phones including the ones for my wife and daughter. My wife who was in the toilet was also attacked by breaking the door”  Senator Qeybdid added.

He informed the gathering that he has no clue whoever was behind the illegal move on his residential house saying “I was also called by Sadik, the director of NISA in Banadir region after my wife. He told me that the security forces were from the ones trained by the Emirates….. but what I clearly know and confirmed by Sadik is that the attack forces belonged to the government. We shall know through investigation who is really behind it.”

The senator suspected that some items were missing from his home and said he will later reveal what was taken away after he goes through the house. “I will also find out what was taken from my house.”

In a tweet posted on Villa Somalia few minutes ago, President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has condemned the attack on the senator’s home terming it illegal and said anyone behind the move will face the law.

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