My life is in danger says Senator Qaybdid

Senator Abdi Hassan Awale Qaybdid speaking today to the media in Mogadishu. Photo credit: Goobjoog Media Group

Senator Abdi Hassan Awale Qaybdid today declared that his life and that of his family are in danger after the government failed to disclose those behind the dreadful attack on his family late December 2017 in his residential house Mogadishu.

While speaking to the media, he expressed that the unsolved case of the attack on his family indicates there is an impending danger on every government official where he described the attack was a plot to assassinate him and no investigation is forthcoming.

“This can happen to any government leader. The federal government has the onus to preserve security and stability of the Somali public. I still feel the existence of danger impending against me and my family. NISA officers wanted to kill but with the grace of God, I survived. It is now 33 days since I was attacked and nothing is immenent” said Senator Qaybdid

The incident says senator Qaybdid made him and his family to be traumatized.

He appealed to the two federal houses to appoint an investigative commission on the matter to deter future terror attacks and save the country from destruction.

“I am appealing to the 2 federal parliament houses to select a committee to present to the house the danger this incident can preset against the existence of the Somali nationhood since it is very clear the interference of foreign agents in the attack that can lead to destruction and instability” said Senator Qaybdid.

Subsequently the federal government arrested several police officers following the dreadful attack on the senator’s house though nothing was disclosed about their investigation and none were arraigned in a court of a law.

Early August 2017 Senator Qaybdid was appointed as the Chairman of Federal Parliament’s Joint Constitutional Review Commission.

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