National Basketball clinic opens in Mogadishu

A 12 day basketball clinic opened Saturday in Mogadishu under the leadership of internationally renowned coach Mohamed Sheikh Muse.

The clinic which brings together 30 coaches from Banaadir region aims to impart new technical and managerial skills to coaches in a bid to develop the quality of the sport, the coach said.

Muse who doubles up as coach for National Women Basketball and the Qatari Basketball teams said it was an honour for him to share experiences and skills which he has acquired both as a player locally and a coach at international level.

“I was born and brought up in this country and I acquired knowledge and skills of this game. I gained the respect of fans and it is now time to give back to our society,” said Muse.

The coach who came back to the country after 27 years thanked the National Basketball Federation for inviting him to conduct the exercise which he notes will be instrumental in raising the standards of basketball in the country.

The training will cover both the practical and theoretical aspects of technical and management of basketball.

The President of National Basketball Federation Abdullahi Noor Adani said the training is in line with the Federation’s mission of upgrading the quality of basketball in Somalia.

“The training will help to nurture and promote the quality of basketball in Somalia in accordance with the mission and aspirations of the Federation. These coaches will help to train other across the country in universities, schools and regional teams,” said Adani.

Adani called on the coaches to unite and rally on a common goal aimed at building the sport in the country.

On his part the director of sports in the Ministry of Sports Abdullahi Abow Hussein who officiated the opening of the event said the coming home of coaches from abroad was a good sign for the sport. “I urge more coaches and former basketball players to come to the country and share their experiences and skills in building the sport,” said Hussein.


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