New security forces deployed to beef up the security in Kismayo ahead of Election

Reports from Jubbaland heaquater Kismayo indicate that new Security forces were deployed to beef up the security of the town ahead of the election.

One hundred strong contingents led by Ismail Saxaradid, a former commander of the 43rd Division and is currently the commander of the Jubbaland election security forces have been stationed to Kismayo in a bid to strengthen the security of the town.

Reports also add that they are also police forces before who were patrolling and monitoring all vehicles passing the main roads in the town.

Meanwhile, sources confirmed to Goobjoog News that the federal government-backed candidates have left the town to Mogadishu for consultations and other strategies for the coming election.

Candidates for the regional presidency, tribal elders, journalists and several others were killed just 18 days ago at Asassey Hotel at the centre of Kismayo town.

Goobjoog News


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