SNA kill 12 Shabaab militants in L. Jubba, repel attack in Marka

The forces captured four villages in Lower Jubba region and fought back Shabaab in Marka town

Somali forces Sunday killed 12 Al-Shabaab militants in Lower Jubba region and separately fended off an Al-Shabaab offensive in Marka, Lower Shabelle in weeks of sustained war against the militants.

The 5th Battalion of the 16th Brigade took the fight to Al-Shabaab Sunday in Lower Shabelle capturing villages and inflicting casualties on the militants. The Battalion commander General Adan Mohamed Iraaqi confirmed the operation noting his forces killed 12 militants and injured 15 others.

General Iraaqi said his troops managed to capture Malaayleey, Janaale, Reerneerow, Bandar Jadid and Bengaani localities.

In the course of the army operation, the troop recovered weapons also removed 9 underground grenades along the roads which were targeting the army’s vehicles passing the road, the army man said.

Sunday evening in Marka, which is located some 90 kilometres southwest of the capital Mogadishu, the forces managed to push back the militants following an attack on the coastal town.

Marka District commissioner Ahmed Ali Waafow told journalists the militants launched an attack at the town but the SNA forces responded swiftly pushing them away.

Sunday’s successful offensives add to several others in recent weeks where Somali National Army units in Lower Shabelle and Lower Jubba have inflicted heavy casualties on Al-Shabaab and regained control of several villages.

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